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Filetranfer services

File kangaroo filetransfer service

How can you send large files?

Instead of filling your email-box by sending and receiving big files, why not use a File Kangaroo Filetransfer service? File Kangaroo service was specifically designed for secure large temporary file transfers.

Your email-box usually has a size limit for sending and receiving files. So does your contacts to whom you want to send (large) attachements. Your email can easily get blocked due to it's big size. To prevent the large files to be blocked or your email-box limits reaching critical point, use our File Kangaroo Filetransfer services.

Who are using File Kangaroo Filetransfer service?

Many companies have a need for a simple large file transfer service:

  • Advertisement companies
  • Software companies
  • Media companies
  • Architecture companies


For what can you use File Transfer system?

You can send any type of file including:

  • Big Video-files
  • Big Music-files 
  • Big Image-files
  • Other big files 

There might be limits in the file-sizes and sending and receiving big files through your email-service. What can you do if you have regular large file transfers? Do your customers have difficulties receiving big files?


How does File Kangaroo service work?

  • Upload the file into File Kangaroo file-transfer-service,
  • Add the file-receiver email-address to the File Kangaroo file-transfer-form
  • Choose the default storage time on server (default 2 weeks)
  • Click the "Send" button
  • File Kangaroo will send a link(s) to your customer(s) in email
  • Using the link(s) Your customers can download the file(s) directly from File Kangaroo service



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