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Wordpress websites

Wordpress is the most simple to use Content Management System (CMS). Originally it was designed as a blogging interface, but Wordpress has been used widely as a website interface for normal websites and not only blog websites. Easy interface to add new articles makes it the favourite Content Management System available at present. 

Why choose Wordpress as a website CMS?

1. Wordpress is easy to use

While Joomla is a very flexible and powerful Content Management System (CMS), Wordpress is commonly thought to be the most easy to use CMS Wordpress has an easy interface for adding new articles. By clicking ADD MEDIA link above the Wordpress text editor, you can add new images to your Wordpress website. Wordpress automatically creates three different sizes of your image, big, normal, small. 

2. Wordpress is free Open Source program

Wordpress is an Open Source program so it means you do not need to pay for license fees for using Wordpress program as your website program. Only thing you need is a contract with a hosting company for hosting your website. It is good to choose a hosting that includes installing the website and basic hosting procedures (setting up domain, email-boxes and regular backups). 

3. Many free functions available for Wordpress 

Also most Wordpress widgets and plugins (functions) have a free version. So adding functions to Wordpress website is quite inexpensive. Most widgets/plugins are installed via Wordpress Intall function in the backend of the Wordpress website and are ready to use immediately after installing them. Adding functions to your Wordpress website does not require hiring a coder, but you can use either free versions of many functions (widgets/plugins) or buy a PRO version of the function you want to add to your website. Most of the Wordpress functions are cheap to buy. 

Most common Wordpress plugins/widgets our customers are using:
  • Google Maps function
  • WooCommerce eCommerce
  • Calender and Booking plugin
By default our Wordpress packages include functions like:
  • Blog with RSS feeds function
  • Basic Contact form
  • Photo Gallery
  • Regular Backups
  • Slideshow
  • Text Editor with Heading options


4. Wordpress is Search Engine friendly + has many SEO Optimized Themes

By using good quality commercial themes (templates) we can have a Search Engine Optimized Wordpress website. We recommend using Yoast SEO plugin for adding keywords, meta description. With Yoast SEO plugin you can check if your article has enough of keywords and what is the ratio of keywords and many other details. It also checks out the headings and if they have used keywords in them. By following the suggestions of the Yoast SEO plugin, you can change your content and have more optimized articles. 

Also it is important to use a good quality commercial website theme (template), which is SEO optimized and has a clean code. Search Engines value clean code which do not have mistakes. By using a good quality commercial theme, we can have SEO optimized theme with affordable price. By using Themeforest Wordpress themes, you can also get access to the update versions of your Wordpress theme. 

5. Responsive - mobile compatible websites with Wordpress

By using responsive commercial themes from Themeforest, we can have our Wordpress website mobile compatible without any extra cost. No need to do a separate mobile version of your website anymore. Responsive Wordpress theme has a mobile menu and automatically shows the website in mobile version, when using a mobile or tablet for viewing the website. All newest Wordpress themes available on Themeforest website are responsive - compatible with mobile phones and tablets. Just make sure you buy a resent theme, not an old theme. 

6. Wordpress has a strong community and is popular

Due to Wordpress being a popular website interface, it has many extensions available and strong community to support you with possible questions you might have of Wordpress program and it's extensions. This way you can add functions you need to your website and you are never alone with any questions you have of Wordpress and it's functions. 

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