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Website Security Service

WEBSITE Security Service - scan and erase malware

Detect Website Malware - Continuous malware and security scanning.

Why should you have a Website Security Service? 

The scanning and detection technology we use is highly sophisticated and effective, taking advantage of remote and server level scanning technologies. This approach allows us to provide a holistic and practical view of the state of events with each website. It identifies various forms of website malware, non-malware and other malformations such as code anomalies and errors.

Your ability to quickly identify security incidents and act accordingly is the goal of the technology we use. Our Malware detection engine is coupled with malware alerting system that quickly notifies you in the event if any hacking has happened to your website.

Get peace of mind with Website Antivirus Malware Removal system. We fix hacked sites faster and better than you imagine (normally withing a few hours), and we cut through noise others depend on. We are thorough, efficient, and we care about making your website safe.

What does IC Website Security Service include?

    1. Malware Scanning and Detection - Many have lost everything because their website infected them with malicious software. Our system provides continuous malware monitoring to help avoid these issues.

    2. Website Malware Removal - Remove malware from any website. Guaranteed!

    3. Website Blacklist Removal and Repair - Many organizations like Google and Bing have invested a lot of energy to identify and blacklist website that are being used nefariously.

How do you benefit by having a IC Website Security Service?

Since website attacks are globally increasing yearly, it is very difficult to budjet your website security costs and know how much you will need to budjet in case of a hacking and malware virus is found on your website. What if you would know exactly how much keeping your website free from malware will cost you yearly? This is possible with IC Website Security Service!

With only 199,99$/year your website will be regularly scanned and malware removed. Scanning will be done weekly and in case of any virus malware code on your website, we will inform you about it. Removal of malware code happens usually within 24 hours. Normally removing malware does not even take that long. Keep your website safe and free from malware! 

Say NO to hackers!! Get IC Website Security Service today!


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